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Addressing Mental Health: A Proactive Approach for Researchers

Susan K Fetics, Joanne Kenney, Cathy Corcoran, Martha Gulman

Royal Society of Chemistry Inclusion and Diversity Forum 2020. Further Diversifying Chemistry - a Focus on Race Inequality.

08 December 2020

Abstract: Women in Research Ireland (WIRI) is a registered charity based in Dublin. WIRI has developed an online mental health workshop series for researchers to take place in 2021. The workshop focuses on open discussion, strategies and solutions to aid researchers who find themselves overwhelmed and disheartened by the current academic research climate of stress, criticism and obligation. This poster presents WIRI and outlines the goals / background for the mental health workshop

Women in Research Ireland: A Platform for Unheard Voices in Research and Academia  

Susan K Fetics and Joanne Kenney

Marie Curie Alumni Association General Assembly 2021. Research in Times of Crisis. 

06 March 2021

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4650065

Abstract: Women in Research Ireland (WIRI) is a registered charity founded in 2017. Based in Dublin, Ireland, WIRI’s mission is to build a community which connects and unites women, minorities, non-binary and other underrepresented groups. WIRI provides a safe platform for unheard voices with solution-based conversations. The goal is to raise awareness and create cultural changes. This poster explores WIRI’s origins and illustrates the diversity of topics explored at events. WIRI’s grass-roots approach empowers the audience with tools and knowledge to respond against obstacles that minority groups commonly face in academia.

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Women in Research Ireland is an organization devoted to supporting women and under-represented minorities in research and academia. We host roughly monthly events that provide support for and foster discussion amongst our members.


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